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A Tabletop Gamer's Perspective: WizKids Miniatures vs. Custom 3D Printed Resin Minis

A Tabletop Gamer's Perspective: WizKids Miniatures vs. Custom 3D Printed Resin Minis

The choice between traditional WizKids miniatures and unique, custom-designed 3D prints has never been easier or more affordable.

As a tabletop gamer who's navigated the intricate world of miniatures for years, my journey has been marked by a deep appreciation for the artistry and detail in WizKids miniatures. However, the evolving landscape of gaming has introduced another fascinating element – custom 3D printed resin miniatures. Let's delve into the nuances of both and how they cater to gamers and painters of all levels.


The Charm of WizKids Miniatures:

WizKids has been a staple in my gaming arsenal for as long as I can remember. Their miniatures are renowned for intricate detailing and robust quality. The beauty of WizKids lies in their ready-to-play nature – no printing or assembly required. The paint job, often a critical aspect, ranges from basic to detailed, providing a great base for both novice and expert painters to enhance.

I also like that i can walk into my local friendly game store, such as IRL Game Shop, and browse, see nad hold the inventory of WizKid miniatures. It's easy and instant and I can always find what i need. 


  • Ready to use out of the box.
  • Consistently high-quality detailing.
  • Wide range of characters and creatures.


  • Limited customization.
  • Sometimes it's not exactly what I want.

The Rise of 3D Printed Resin Miniatures 

Lately, my gaming table has seen an influx of 3D printed miniatures, especially from platforms like HeroForge. The allure here is customization. Designing a character from scratch, tweaking every aspect – from pose to equipment – offers a personalized experience. The resin used in 3D printing brings out sharp details and provides a sturdy base for painting.


  • Unlimited customization options.
  • High detail, especially for unique or niche characters.
  • Personal connection to the miniatures you've designed.
  • Can scale up or down any mini, as well as print large numbers


  • Requires printing and waiting
  • Varies in quality based on the printer and resin used.
  • Either you need a printer or need someone to print it for you


Comparing and Contrasting

While WizKids offers consistency and convenience, 3D printed miniatures provide a canvas for creativity and personalization. The detail in both is commendable, though WizKids might edge out in uniform quality. On the other hand, 3D printing allows for more intricate custom designs, which can be a significant advantage for creating specific campaign characters.


Both WizKids and custom 3D printed resin miniatures have their place in the world of tabletop gaming. For beginners and casual gamers, the ready-to-play nature of WizKids is appealing. Novices and pros in miniature painting will find joy in enhancing these pieces. Meanwhile, 3D printed miniatures are a boon for those seeking a more personalized touch, offering a unique experience in both gaming and painting. Ultimately, whether you're just starting or have been gaming for years, both types of miniatures can significantly enhance your tabletop experience.


Whether you're a fan of the classic WizKids miniatures or excited about designing your own 3D printed characters, both paths lead to incredible gaming adventures. Explore your options and find what resonates with your style of play and creativity. Happy gaming and painting!

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