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How to Play Flames of War

How to Play Flames of War

Flames of War" is a thrilling and detailed World War II tabletop wargame that brings history to life. It combines strategy, historical knowledge, and the joy of modeling to create a unique gaming experience. Here's a quick overview of how to play.

Flames of War is a captivating tabletop wargame set in the World War II era, blending historical accuracy with strategic gameplay. It begins with players choosing an era (Early, Mid, or Late War), influencing the units and equipment available. Players construct armies based on point values, picking from nations like the USA, Germany, or the Soviet Union, tailoring their forces to their strategic preferences.

The game unfolds on a battlefield dotted with terrain pieces, impacting movement and combat. Gameplay proceeds in turns, each comprising four steps: Start, Movement, Shooting, and Assault. In the Start Step, players check unit morale and plan their turn. The Movement Step involves maneuvering units across the battlefield, with each unit type having distinct movement capabilities. The Shooting Step is where players engage in ranged combat, considering factors like range and line of sight. The Assault Step involves close-quarters combat, resolved through dice rolls influenced by unit stats and battlefield conditions.

Victory hinges on completing scenario-specific objectives, such as capturing points, eliminating enemy units, or controlling strategic areas. The game ends when objectives are met or after a set number of turns, with victory conditions dictated by the chosen scenario. "Flames of War" offers a rich blend of tactical decision-making and historical immersion, appealing to both strategy enthusiasts and history buffs.

Setting Up

  1. Choose Your Era: Decide on the WWII era you want to play (Early, Mid, or Late War), as it influences the types of units and equipment available.
  2. Build Your Army: Armies are constructed based on points, with each unit having a point value. You can choose from various nations involved in WWII, like the United States, Germany, Soviet Union, etc.
  3. Terrain Setup: Players set up the battlefield with terrain pieces, creating a dynamic and realistic landscape. This step is crucial as terrain affects movement and combat.

Gameplay Overview

  1. Sequence of Play: The game is played in turns, each consisting of a Start Step, Movement Step, Shooting Step, and an Assault Step.

    • Start Step: Check for unit morale and prepare for the turn.
    • Movement Step: Move your units across the battlefield. Different units have different movement capabilities.
    • Shooting Step: Engage in ranged combat. Factors like range, line of sight, and unit capabilities influence your success.
    • Assault Step: Conduct close combat. This involves charging into enemy units and resolving combat through dice rolls and unit stats.
  2. Command and Control: Leadership is key. Units need to stay in command distance of their leaders to operate effectively.

  3. Combat: Combat is resolved using dice rolls, with modifiers based on unit abilities, terrain, and other factors. Players refer to hit tables to determine the outcomes.

  4. Objectives: Achieve your mission objectives, which vary depending on the scenario. This could be capturing points, eliminating enemy units, or holding strategic areas.

  5. Game End: The game concludes either when a player achieves their objectives or after a predetermined number of turns. Victory is determined based on the scenario's specific victory conditions.

Tips for New Players

  • Start with smaller games to get a grasp of the basic rules.
  • Focus on learning unit types and their roles on the battlefield.
  • Experiment with different tactics and army compositions.


"Flames of War" offers a perfect blend of tactical gameplay and historical immersion. Whether you're a history buff, a model-making enthusiast, or a strategic gamer, this game has something to offer. Enjoy the challenge of commanding your own WWII army and relive the pivotal battles of history on your tabletop!

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